Band Instrument Technician

Nate Banzhof

I have been the assistant band director at Norwood high school for the last 4 years. I’ve been teaching in one form or another (classroom, private lessons, group lessons, etc.) and playing music professionally for over 20. I’m also a senior science educator at the Drake Planetarium for the last 8 years.

Working as a band director, I saw a need for high quality, affordable instrument repair done on a reasonable schedule.

Because I’m not a chain or big store, I have way less overhead and can afford to charge less than the big guys. It also means that I can focus more on the quality of work being produced.

It is a new company, but I have been repairing instruments for over 20 years. In preparation to start this new company I also went back to school to the Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology to refresh my repair skills.