Greg Hurd began his formal music education with Mel Gillespie at West Virginia State College at
age 16 and performed with the West Virginia State Jazz Ensemble at age 17.  During this time Greg
began playing professionally with his own Jazz Ensemble. At age 18, Greg began studying Saxophone
under Dr. Ed Bingham’s direction, studied Flute under Dr. Wendall Dobb’s direction and studied Clarinet
under Dr. Don Williams at Marshall University.  Greg performed with Marshall’s Jazz, Wind, Chamber,
and Symphonic Ensembles. While at Marshall he performed with Grammy winners Chris Vadala, Dave
Valentin, and Eddie Daniels.
As a teacher Greg focuses on having students produce a good sound, learning correct technique,
and song repertoire.  Students can expect to learn correct embouchure, breathing, and posture in their
beginning lessons. Students will then learn scales and arpeggios while learning the importance of scales
and arpeggios, and how they’re used in compositions. Students are encouraged to bring music they’re
working on in School, as well as music they are interested in learning on their own to incorporate into
their personalized lessons.  Greg will motivate the students and achieve results with his techniques and
10 years of private teaching experience.